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Donations can be sent to the following bitcoin address:. 38.[2018-11-2 05:58:30 am UTC] Future1Coin - Fully Transparent Cryptocurrency [조회수(views):18/댓글(replies):0]. Central Bank-issued Digital Currencies (CBDC): Even Banks don't like them. 61.[2018-11-1 02:39:24 pm UTC] [DAPP][ZARIXCOIN] Zarix Coin Dapp Earn Ethereum Hight Profit [DAPP][ZARIXCOIN] [조회수(views):77/댓글(replies):2]. MasterCard Wins Patent To Manage Blockchain Currency Reserves. 122.[2018-10-31 11:11:17 am UTC] [ANN] [AIRDROP] ETHEREUM ONE [조회수(views):189/댓글(replies):8]. 102.[2018-10-31 06:37:22 pm UTC] [ANN][ICO] UnitedCoin Crypto/Fiat Banking and Reward System! [조회수(views):9/댓글(replies):0]. WBTC: Decentralized token backed by Bitcoins on the Ethereum Blockchain. 37.[2018-11-2 06:04:27 am UTC] (ANN) ICO PRE-SALE MINION COIN [조회수(views):10/댓글(replies):0]. 131.[2018-10-31 08:47:15 am UTC] [COINCREATIONSERVICE] I will code your own PoS/PoW Cryptocurrency [조회수(views):13/댓글(replies):0]. 17.[2018-11-2 12:41:19 pm UTC] ~~~ BANK HEIST 4D - New Game Round Announcement ~~~ [조회수(views):8/댓글(replies):0]. 63.[2018-11-1 01:59:23 pm UTC] THE BILLION COIN (TBC) the world' first ABUNDANCE USERS-BASE CRYPTOCURRENCY [조회수(views):18/댓글(replies):2]. 43.[2018-11-2 02:59:54 am UTC] [ANN][ICO] POP Network YouTube on the Blockchain Beta is LIVE! [조회수(views):85/댓글(replies):4]. 13.[2018-11-2 02:17:41 pm UTC] [ANN]Atisios PRESALE LIVE, BOUNTY. [조회수(views):103/댓글(replies):7]. 80.[2018-11-1 07:06:04 am UTC] [BUB]The BitUniverse Trading Ecosystem Cryptocurrency [조회수(views):91/댓글(replies):7]. 107.[2018-10-31 05:47:10 pm UTC] [ANN][ICO][ATST] A UNIFIED CYBER SECURITY PLATFORM IN BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY [조회수(views):11/댓글(replies):0]. 32.[2018-11-2 07:43:46 am UTC] [ANN][BLS+VRF] TASchain - Enabling Trust Among Strangers [조회수(views):99/댓글(replies):17]. 79.[2018-11-1 07:18:01 am UTC] Why House Africa? [조회수(views):13/댓글(replies):0]. 125.[2018-10-31 10:23:21 am UTC] NGOT Halloween Video [조회수(views):6/댓글(replies):0]. 20.[2018-11-2 11:19:08 am UTC] [ANN][ICO][PRIVATE-SALE] WinWinCoin gambling solution with decentralized Jackpot [조회수(views):14/댓글(replies):0]. 30.[2018-11-2 08:52:08 am UTC] EULO's Solution from part of EULO'S White Paper [조회수(views):27/댓글(replies):1]. Central Bank-issued Digital Currencies (CBDC): Even Banks don't li. Hidden Message by Satoshi: The Connection between Bitcoin and Halloween. 69.[2018-11-3 07:23:28 pm UTC] [ANN] BEATCRYPTO - eSports Cryptocoin [POS/MN] [조회수(views):118/댓글(replies):5]. Steemit Bitcoin faucet. 17 to 22 satoshi every 10 min. Earn up to $0.01 per click Purchase adpacks and earn 120% $2 minimum payout Payments via Skrill,Neteller,Solidtrustpay,Payeer,Perfect Money and Bitcoin. Earn up to 100% referral earnings Detailed statistics of your ref. clicks Professional Support. 18.[2018-11-5 10:18:13 am UTC] [ANN] Delta's Bountry Result Oct-Sept! [조회수(views):13/댓글(replies):0]. After creating an account in the coinpot microwallet, you can visit the rest of coinpot faucets listed on the coinpot faucets list below. 49.[2018-11-4 02:13:37 pm UTC] [ANN] - COLLECTIVE FINANCING PLATFORM CONNECTING INVESTORS WITH ENTREPRENEURS [조회수(views):18/댓글(replies):0]. Hola Hector. Hasta nuevo aviso no es posible enviar ni intercambiar CPS Coin. Instant-LTC is a free and unlimited faucet of litecoins!. 91.[2018-11-3 09:22:39 am UTC] Cryptozink Exchange Airdrop [조회수(views):23/댓글(replies):0]. Hola: Mi idea es la ganancia de Coinpayments con el incremento por conseguir referidos ahora mismo en total tengo 20 euros, es enviarlo a coinbase y juntarlo con el balance que tengo allí 5 euros y retirar al banco. Pero con las comisiones me quedara algo que retirar. Pasar la moneda de coinpayments a bitcoin (Comisión 0.50) y después enviar a coinbase (esta comisión la desconozco pero en algún sitio lei sobre 10 $), que opinión tienes que me llegara finalmente al banco aproximadamente Un saludo y gracias. 122.[2018-11-2 04:17:43 pm UTC] KLONDIKE! JOIN THE GOLD RUSH [KLO][ASIC MINING][AIRDROP][FREE COIN] [조회수(views):523/댓글(replies):34]. 60.[2018-11-4 04:16:56 am UTC] [ANN]CACHE Project[VALM-Cache, Spam-Hash Control] [조회수(views):140/댓글(replies):5]. Commissions for the payment of accumulated funds from the microwallet coinpot are virtually none. You decide whether you want to roll high or low, choose a multiplier (how many times your stake you'll get if you win), then select how many tokens you want to gamble with. You can claim between 104 to 112 Litoshis every 5 minutes from this faucet. Payments sent every 60 minutes on faucethub. Check our coinpot faucets List for BTC, Bitcoin Cash, LTC, DASH & Dogecoin. 63.[2018-11-3 10:15:45 pm UTC] [ANN] Vidulum [VDL] Multi-Asset Web Wallet featuring V-Staking [POW/MN] [조회수(views):124/댓글(replies):9]. Hola, podrías decirme los métodos si hay más de uno para agregar fondos a coinpayment??. 120.[2018-11-2 04:19:54 pm UTC] Tratok (TRAT) market added in Mercatox Exchange [조회수(views):10/댓글(replies):0]. 98.[2018-11-3 04:12:40 am UTC] SwiftCash - The SplitFork of SmartCash That Gives Power Back To The Community [조회수(views):170/댓글(replies):6]. Mining 3 coins at the same time will be less efficient. For the reason that, average mining capability decreases.


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