Steve has to leave on a mission today. He'll be going with Sam to an underground HYDRA base all the way on the other side of the world, leaving (Y/N) and Bucky by themselves for a straight week. It's okay, let go. I'm right behind you. If Bucky's being honest, he's more than excited to have her to himself for a while. He loved them both to death, more than he ever thought possible. That day when he accidentally walked in on her and Steve and he was invited to join them was the best of his life. He kept his feelings hidden about (Y/N) for so long for the sake of his best friend. If Bucky couldn't have her, he's glad Steve had her instead. That first night with them was filled with pure ecstasy. It was strange at first, because they were a bonded pair and Bucky was more or less the third wheel, but it was better than he could have imagined. That next morning, (Y/N) woke him up by kissing him up and down his neck until he was literally digging his fingers into her waist and begging her to bond with him. She went first, placing her mark perfectly on the curve of his neck, and then Bucky put his halfway over Steve's, so her bonding marks looked like a venn diagram on her skin. Then Bucky and Steve bonded, and the experience of being bound to two loves of his life was absolutely magical. "Ow! Bucky! Please stop!" she yells. He immediately does so, and his face goes completely white when he sees the tears in her eyes. Not tears from pleasure, but tears from pain. He's hurt her. At first, he thinks it's because he was thrusting so hard. But then he watches her clutch her hand to her chest. The hand his metal one was holding. "Bucky alpha please." He knows what she's asking for, what she's begging for, and he knows what both of their bodies need right now. He quite literally rips his briefs off of his body and pounces onto the bed on top of her. He doesn't remember much apart from her begging once he's getting close to his climax. He's gone primal, and has no control over his body. "I've never had you to myself before." He confesses as he lines himself up and pushes into her with a loud groan. She sighs and whispers into his ear ' I'm yours, Bucky', and that was it for him. The rest of the morning, he indulges himself with her; he knows these moments will be few and far between.———- Six days go by, and Bucky's never felt more loved, more important, or happier in his entire life. There is a small pang of sadness there too, because he does miss Steve. He's just as much Bucky's mate as (Y/N) is. Bucky gets up early to do some laundry and to make breakfast before (Y/N) wakes up. They haven't left the bedroom more than a handful of times since Steve left, so it's gotten quite messy in there. Bucky figures the least he can do is give Steve a nice clean room to come back to tomorrow. He knows that (Y/N) will be waking up soon, his lack of body heat pulling her out of her dreams. "No Steve, you don't. It was just an accident. So either come here and take care of your sad mate or get out!". "Did something happen?" She sighs. "I'll tell you but you have to promise you won't overreact, okay?" He nods and she untangles her casted hand from the blankets and holds it out for Steve. He grabs her wrist and twists it softly to get a good look. Something in the room shifts then. (Y/N) is always calm, always quiet. She's never once been a tease or sassy to her alphas, and has absolutely never raised her voice at them. There are stories about omega's in stressful situations being more terrifying than an angry alpha, and Steve thought that's all they were—stories. Steve isn't happy. He's angry and upset, and his ego is even a little shot because the devil on his shoulder is whispering ' how dare your omega speak to you like that! ' into his ear. But he loves her, respects her. And he loves Bucky too, and Bucky's sobbing into (Y/N)'s neck right now, clearly upset with himself for hurting her. If (Y/N) said it was an accident, Steve has to believe her. She's not even paying attention to him anymore, she's just rubbing her fingers through Bucky's hair and kissing his bonding marks and telling him that everything's okay. "Stevie?" she whispers, tracing a finger over his chiseled jawline. He scrunches his nose and opens his eyes, and they immediately travel over Bucky straight to her. She's in heat. Her first heat since Bucky came into the picture. It's triggering a rut—an intense one—and he can't think about anything else except knotting her. His body has never moved so fast as he runs back into the bedroom where he finds (Y/N) writhing on the bed. She's covered in a thick sheen of sweat and all of the blankets and pillows have been discarded to the floor. Her clothes that consisted of only a pair of panties and one of Bucky's t-shirts is also strewn across the floor. Warnings: minor descriptions of sex, angst, jealous bucky, clingy bucky, sad bucky, guilty bucky, all the bucky. A broken bone. "Bucky I need to talk to you." Steve interjects, still angry and making the room smell foul with his pheromones. "Yes sweetheart?" "Don't come back injured this time, okay?" It's his first mission he's been on since he was in the hospital—since he bonded to his mates. (Y/N) has been dreading this day for weeks, but she knew it had to come eventually. The only thing that made her happy about this situation is that Sam was going with him and she trusted Sam to take care of Steve when she couldn't; since Bucky would be staying at the compound with her, it was a nice compromise in her opinion that gave her peace of mind. Steve's heart swells at her concern and he kisses her on the nose before untangling himself from his mates and getting up to change. (Y/N) tries to get up to help him but he insists she stay in bed with Bucky. He's been sleeping better since they started this relationship and he didn't want to wake him up. Once Steve is in his uniform, (Y/N) and Bucky have shifted positions and he's got his entire body over hers. He's still sound asleep, so he must have just sensed Steve's absence and wrapped himself around her to keep her warm and cozy. Steve smiles at the sight of the two most important people in his life, knowing they're safe in each other's arms. He leans down to kiss them both on the cheek and closes the door softly behind him. But after that? He practically sprints out of the room. (Y/N) is able to get in front of him and stop him before he gets to Bucky. "Steve stop it!" She says, trying her best to calm down one fuming alpha and take care of another who's in tears in the corner. She pushes Steve lightly away and goes to sit in Bucky's lap, legs wrapped around his waist and hands caressing the back of his neck. He pulls her arms away from his back and laces his fingers with her on either side of her head—a position that's intimate and unique to their love that they've taken up in the past week. Again, after that small action, his mind only repeats knot her, knot her, knot her, everything else is unimportant. A/N: I'm officially naming this the S'mores mini-series and it will be one more part because I can't help myself. (Y/N) cowers at Steve's alpha voice. She's never heard him use it and never expected him to use it on Bucky. He's always gentle and patient with his best friend, never threatening. Steve's patience is gone and with one foot to the door, the wood cracks under the force and Steve stomps straight over to Bucky in the other corner of the room. She lifts up the corner of her blanket and invites him into the nest with her. "I'm worried about Bucky.". He was so lost in his instincts that he's broken her fucking hand. It feels like his whole world has stopped spinning and he pulls away from her and backs himself into the wall opposite of the bed, and sinks to the floor. He's pulling on his hair and trying to keep himself from hyperventilating. He's lost in himself for a moment but then he hears (Y/N) calling out to him. "Bucky can you please help me?" she asks, motioning to her closet. Bucky doesn't understand how she sounds so calm right now, but he stands up and pulls on a new pair of his own briefs and sweatpants, and then pulls some clothing out of her closet for her. X-Men, which almost no one remembers. Bottom: the Chris Claremont era, which everyone remembers. XFOR 117-FB XFOR 117 XFOR 118 XFOR 119. Articles on Taj Mahal, Howard Roberts, Coryell, Richard P. Havens, Six String Poetry, Thumb Technique,etc..full page ads..Martin D-41, Guild amps, Hohner guitar, Bacon Banjo (Gretsch), Kasino amp, Kustom, Leslie,etc.. CA&FAL 5 CA&FAL 6 CA&FAL 9 CA&FAL 10 CA&FAL 11 CA&FAL 12. Includes Thumbs Carllile, J.W. Gallagher, Michael Allsup, Barry Olivier, Larry Coryell, 1974 Poll Results, etc. John Renbourn), full page ads, (Curley Chalker for Sho-Bud, Leslie 925, Espana guitars, Fender, Yamaha, Kustom amps, etc). Facing the possibility of being reunited for the first time since the Uprising, Sloane Kelly and Foster Addison find themselves at odds with each other again and with a complicated relationship. What if one of the reasons why Addison is always mean and angry is that she was secretly in love with Sloane? What if Sloane really felt the same way? Very Good complete condition. no mailing label. (D). HTD 4-FB HTD 4 HTD 14 [email protected] 1 HTD 15 HTD 17 HTD 25-FB HTD 24 HTD 25 HTD 26 HTD 27-BTS HTD 30 HTD 31 HTD MAG 1 HTD MAG 1/3 HTD MAG 2/2 HTD MAG 3 HTD MAG 4/2 HTD MAG 5 HTD MAG 5/2 (1 - 23) HTD MAG 6 (1 - 2:3) HTD MAG 5/2 (24:1 - 24:3) HTD MAG 6 (2:4 - 2:5) HTD MAG 5/2 (24:4 - 25) HTD MAG 6 (2:6 - 12). P2 22 P2 23 PWJ 25 PWJ 26 PWJ 27 P2 47 P2 48 PWJ 33 P:EQ. UX 154 UX 155 UX 156 UX 157. I'm trying to forget about the trashcan fire that was the finale. CA&BUCKY 620 (7 - 10) {CA5 50 (4 - 5:2)-FB} CA&BUCKY 620 (11:1 - 11:3) CA5 50 (5:3 - 6)-FB CA&BUCKY 620 (11:4 - 14). PPSM 26 (17:2 - 17:3)-FB PPSM 26 (18:2)-FB PPSM 26 (18:4)-FB PPSM 26 (19:4 - 19:8)-FB ASM 122 (2 - 5) PPSM 26 (20:3)-FB ASM 122 (6 - 20) PPSM 26 (21 - 22)-FB PPSM 26. Midoriya Izuku & Todoroki Shouto & Dabi (My Hero Acadamia) Fusion. Please don't list this on a work's page as a trope. Examples can go on the work's YMMV tab. john is of course gonna get involved because its john. CX 14/2-BTS X 97-FB-BTS X 104-BTS CX 13 (1 - 3:1)-BTS {X 105} UX 156-BTS UX 157. Sometimes, you have to lose your way to find yourself. B.B. King, Advisory board tips; Happy Traum: Fiddle Tunes II; Jerry Hahn: Augmented Patterns; Bob Baxter: Playing Backup; Jimmy Stewart: Minor Scales; Stefan Grossman: Miss. John Hurt; IM 513 IM 525 IM 526 IM 527-FB. Articles on Taj Mahal, Howard Roberts, Coryell, Richard P. Havens, Six String Poetry, Thumb Technique,etc. Articles on Chuck Berry Interview, John Hartford, The Ventures, Reese Anderson, Tony Mottola, Pros on Picks, Strings Part 2, Sam Ash Stores,. Paul SIMON ~At Guitar Study Center; Eldon Shamblin ~Western Swing Great; Bill Kirchen ~Of Commander Cody; Michael Howell. two-page ad spread for EKO guitars, entire back cover is Fender (Bass VI, Banjos, Wildwood Coronado Bass,etc) pg 35 has portion torn away. WM2 1 WM2 3-BTS WM2 4 WM2 7 WM2 10 [email protected] 1/3 M/CP 119/4 WM2 17 WM2 18 WM2 24 WM2 26 TM/:WY 1-BTS TM/:WY 2 ATWO:WM&BEAST 1 ATWO:WM&BEAST 2 ATWO:WM&BEAST 3 WM3 1-FB WM3 2-FB WM3 3-FB WM3 4-FB WM3 5-FB CW:FL 5/3-BTS. Rick Petrone, Randall, Fender Mustang, Ovation Deacon Giveaway, Alvarez Herringbone Guitar, Martin Guitar,. SSBL&WP 9-FB {ASM 265} ASM 279 ASM 301 ASM 302 [email protected] 5/4 [email protected] 25/3 AVENGSM 8-FB SSBL&WP 1 SSBL&WP 13 ASM 375-BTS SSBL&WP 15. The Killing Joke. Although Joker was already re-defined as we know him in the 70s, for example by Steve Englehart, the idea of Joker and Batman being mutual Shadow Archetypes of Order Versus Chaos (a dynamic transferred to the DCAU, The Dark Knight and the Batman: Arkham Series ) comes from him Frank Evans, two-page GIBSON ad for Les Paul Recording guitar and bass with flex-disc demo! etc. Articles on Smothers Brothers, Johnny Rivers, Buddy Guy,etc. Compare Adaptation Displacement, Cant Un Hear It, Better Than Canon, and Covered Up. When done with a singular character, it may be a result of being the Creator's Favorite. Contrast Running the Asylum, where such people are often regarded as evil step-parents, and Only the Creator Does It Right, where fans think a work is better when its creator is actively involved in it. X2 191-FB {X2 188-FB} X2 189 X2 191 X2 192 X2 193. FF 68 FF 69 FF 70 A 69 IM 19 A 146-FB. Bardock, the father of Goku, is an odd case, as he wasn't written originally by Toriyama. Instead, Bardock was the focus of a special caled "The Father of Goku", which dealed with the destruction of Planet Vegeta. The tragic nature of the character who didn't have anything heroic to his name other than friendship with his fallen comrades, and died by the hand of Frieza without doing much, was so memorable it made Bardock the Breakout Character he is known today. When Toriyama decided to write him in ''Dragon Ball Minus'', most of the critical reception has been negative since it wasn't like in the animated special. As such, Bardock's real daddy is mostly considered to be Takao Koyama, the writer of the special, than Toriyama himself. Includes: Simon & Garfunkel, Roger McGuinn, Jorge Morel, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, Glen Campbell, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Kenny Burrell, Van Eps, CX 14/2-BTS X 97-FB-BTS X 104-BTS CX 13 (1 - 3:1)-BTS {X 105} UX 156-BTS UX 157. Many of the characters featured in the Giffen/DeMatteis era of the. entire back cover is Fender (Bass VI, Banjos, Wildwood Coronado Bass,etc). AT2 6/3 (3:3)-FB IH2 250 IH2 256 M/S-HCOC 1 M/S-HCOC 2 M/S-HCOC 3 IH2 279 M/S-H3 6/4 AT2 6/3 (4:3 - 4:6)-FB AT2 6/3 (5:2 - 6:5)-FB IH2 386 IH2 387 NW 58 NW 59 NW 66 X2 67 X2 68 X2 69-FB X2 69 X2 72 X2 73 XCAL 120 XCAL 121-FB XCAL 121 UX 366 UX 368 UX 379 X2 111-FB NX 131 NX 132 XCAL3 5 SECWAR 1-BTS UJ2 1 UJ2 2 UJ2 3 UJ2 4 (1 - 11) UJ2 4-FB UJ2 4 (13 - 22) CW:X 1-BTS CW:X 2 CW:X 3 CW:X 4 CW 6 SECINV 6 AT2 6/3 ASM 685 ASM:ENDS X3 31 X3 34 X3 35 X3 36 X3 37. Includes: Pete Seeger, Bola Sete, George Van Eps and the 7-string, A Night At The Fillmore, music by George Van Eps ("Midnight"), music by Pete Seeger ("Living In The Country"), Full page ads for VOX amps, GRETSCH guitars (Viking), SUNN amps, DANELECTRO (Coral Sitar, guitars, Turtles, the Cyrkle), Richie Havens for OVATION, HALLMARK Swept Wing Guitar,. Dragon Ball. While the manga is done by Akira Toriyama only, and the anime adaptation is pretty faithful to it despite the filler, there are some interpretations on the characters that are considered vastly superior to Toriyama own intent. Compared to the Nasuverse 's first two animated outings, ufotable 's tenure on. ASM 654/2 ASM 654.1 V2 1 V2 3 V2 6 V2 10.


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