Windows 10 ltsb guide.

Try all this out in a VM first (I personally use hyper-v, if you don't have a windows pro version then you might wanna give VMware player a try). Resources for Windows 7 including a custom telemetry-free Windows 7 ISO. Utilising small written lines of batch code that use licensing servers accessible by the public to activate windows is pretty easy. I find this morally ok as there is no way of buying this version and users with existing windows keys already gave Microsoft their money. If they would let me buy it, I would be happy to pay, but they won't. Resources for Windows 7 including a custom telemetry-free Windows 7 ISO. If your answer to all or most of these questions was a "yes" then you might be a prime candidate for a version of Windows 10 called "LTSB" or "Long-Term Servicing Branch". Notice: October 8, 2018: We have paused the rollout of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809) for all users as we investigate isolated reports of users missing some files after updating. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We will provide an update when we resume updating customers. For reference, please see Windows 10 update history for additional information. - SpyBot - anti beacon to remove the last bits of tracking. -microsoft won't sell you a key to this os, more about that later though. the $100 220w, 4.7ghz 8core CPU any good? Now just install it like any other version of Windows 10. Deactivate the telemetry crap and create a local account. In ImageGlass, the mouse scroll-wheel actually zooms in and out of pictures, like it should - faster and to greater maximum in and out extents than the stock Win 10 photo viewer. Windows updates got you down? Do you dislike some of the new features of a windows version newer than 1607? You want to avoid any further feature-updates but still get the bug fixes and security patches? You don't care about any Windows 10 features like edge, the WINDOWS STORE (might be actually important to some) or Cortana (or maybe you wish they did not exist)?. Disable, uninstall, and block telemetry and data collection in Windows 7 / 8 / 10. You are either not logged in or do not have permission to view this page. This could be because one of the following reasons: I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS AS THIS IS BORDERLINE ILLEGAL. Also, Windows 10 LTSB / LTSC is the idea version of Windows for most situations. It's clean, fast, configurable, tested especially for stability, and upgrades to a newer version only once every 2 - 3 years with those upgrades being entirely optional. It's the version of Windows 10 that everybody was wanting to have. I can't seem to get my 4K HDR TV in Game Mode on PC. "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the american public believes is false" -. After the download has finished, use Rufus (recommended by Linus) to create a bootable installer USB. If you have troubles getting the PC to boot from your created USB then reformat it and set Rufus to "DD"-mode, this fixed some issues I had myself. -not that many drivers come preinstalled (compared to the normal Win10), prepare to spend some time on the internet or even better; grab the latest drivers for all your devices and expansion cards beforehand. You have accessed this page directly rather than using appropriate forms or links. Microsoft has updated its servicing model. The Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) offers twice-per-year feature updates that release around March and September, with an 18-month servicing period for each release. Starting with Windows 10, version 1809, feature updates for Windows 10 Enterprise and Education editions with a targeted release month of September will be serviced for 30 months from their release date (more information can be found here ). It has a good full-screen mode that is separate from its slideshow mode, and it has no obnoxious next and right arrows on top of pictures at diametrically opposite ends of the screen. In ImageGalss, those are are in the toolbar, and right next to each other. Windows 10 free upgrade matrix (for the first year of availability) [42]. +1. Here are a couple of guides for Windows 10. Microsoft has started selling directly a $499 Surface Go tablet model with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Trent, Rod (June 9, 2015). "Windows 10 Upgrade Paths". SuperSite for Windows. Penton. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about Windows 10, with just over a month to go before the operating system starts rolling out to some customer segments. And many of these questions involve Microsoft's Windows-as-a-Service plans. There were 2 releases of LTSB in 2015 and one in 2016. [11]. The Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted), previously known as the Current Branch (CB), distributes all feature updates as they graduate from the Windows Insider branch. Microsoft only supports the latest build. As of version 1703, additional settings are provided to pause or defer feature updates for a specified length of time, but they are not available on Windows 10 Home. [45]. Not according to this.. if its on my OVS agreement, ill get it installed. Ive just spoken to my supplier and they say if its on the agreement we can use what ever. We've just tried enterprise ltsb and theres no cortana, games, no edge or populated start menu. Its great!! Explains how the Windows Insider Program for Business works and how to become an insider. Paul, Ian (April 18, 2017). "How to defer future updates in the Windows 10 Creators Update". Building a Windows 10 Reference Image using MDT 2013 Update 1. You're also not licensed to use Enterprise IIRC?. Creating a Master Image compatible with different laptop hardware using sysprep. Warren, Tom (June 19, 2017). "Microsoft now lets Surface Laptop owners revert back to Windows 10 S". Explains how to use Windows Analytics: Update Compliance to monitor and manage Windows Updates on devices in your organization. That said, it looks like you can use either Enterprise edition now as long as your volume licensing agreement has Software Assurance. The operating system may be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro for a fee, to enable unrestricted software installation. [20]. Turner, Rich. "Will Linux distros run on Windows 10 S?". Microsoft. Retrieved May 26, 2017. Speaking of updating to Windows 10, I've been getting questions from a number of readers who are concerned that they have not yet seen the "Get Windows 10" upgrade icon appear in their system trays. The icon is meant to remind users they are eligible to upgrade to Windows 10 on their PCs, laptops and tablets starting July 29, 2015, and through July 29, 2016, for free if they're running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1. There are several reasons users on these operating systems might not get the "Get Windows 10" icon pushed to them, including if they are part of a domain-joined PC network. But some users aren't getting the icon because they may be on PCs, laptops or tablets that the company has yet to establish will run Windows 10 easily and well on Day 1 of availability, a spokesperson said. Some time shortly after July 29, Microsoft will make Get Windows 10 icon available to users who didn't get it beforehand, and users will be able to check compatibility using that app. The Verge. Vox Media. Retrieved March 11, 2017. "When LTSB starts out, all Universal Windows Apps should work, but as the 'modern half' of Windows evolves on the other branches, it won't change on an LTSB release," Silver explained. "So at some point, Universal Windows Apps from the public (Windows) Store may not work on an older LTSB, even ones that used to work, because they may eventually be updated with new features that rely on updates to Windows.". Windows 10: Microsoft promises updates will soon be smaller and easier to delay (TechRepublic). Microsoft to add new PowerPoint, Word features to Office 365 in November. How is Windows 10 really doing so far?. Paul, Ian (April 18, 2017). "How to defer future updates in the Windows 10 Creators Update". Explains the decisions you need to make in your servicing strategy. For the latest Windows 10 news, tutorials, and best practices, subscribe to our Microsoft Weekly newsletter. Plan ahead. Back up your files and settings before installing this evaluation. You can also read the blog post Waas simplified and aligned, with details on this change. Further details surrounding Windows 10's consumer-oriented features were presented during another media event held on January 21, 2015, entitled "Windows 10: The Next Chapter". The keynote featured the unveiling of Cortana integration within the operating system, new Xbox -oriented features, Windows 10 Mobile, an updated Office Mobile suite, Surface Hub—a large-screened Windows 10 device for enterprise collaboration based upon Perceptive Pixel technology, [46]. For the first year of general availability, Windows 10 Home and Pro were free if you were running a genuine copy of an eligible version of Windows 7 (SP1) and Windows 8/8.1. On eligible machines, an icon for the Get Windows 10 app appeared in the taskbar and allowed users to "reserve" a free copy of the operating system. Foley called Threshold a "wave of operating systems" across multiple Microsoft platforms and services, scheduled for the second quarter of 2015. Foley reported that among the goals for Threshold was to create a unified application platform and development toolkit for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox One (which all use a similar Windows NT kernel ). [27]. Windows 10 Mobile, the successor to Windows Phone 8.1, shares some user interface elements and apps with its PC counterpart. [56]. Full upgrade is possible, preserving apps, settings and data. Use Office 365? Microsoft's about to start emailing you regular tips by default. June 9, 2015 -- 13:50 GMT (14:50 BST). Microsoft is shifting its Windows 10 codename scheme, yet again, starting with the feature update which is slated to follow '19H1,' sources say. Windows 10 Team is a device-specific version of Windows 10 loaded onto the Surface Hub. [15]. Leonhard, Woody (March 1, 2017). "Put Windows 10 updates on hold—now available in Creators Update build 15046". Just this week, thanks to Gartner Inc., I learned that some Windows 10 users won't get Microsoft's Edge ("Spartan") browser -- the new default browser for Windows 10. Customers with Windows 10 Enterprise edition won't get Edge on any machines that are on the Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB), according to Gartner. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to me that this is, indeed, the case. The LTSB is an option available only to Windows 10 Enterprise customers. Machines on the LTSB will receive only security and hot fixes, and no new features, for ten years. LTSB is an option for customers running mission-critical or otherwise locked-down applications who cannot risk having new features and feature updates pushed to them. One could argue that anyone who doesn't want new features and feature updates will likely be running Internet Explorer 11 -- which will be available to Windows 10 PC and laptop users -- rather than the new Edge browser. Microsoft is making IE11 available to Windows 10 PC customers for legacy support reasons. But the reason Microsoft won't provide Edge to Enterprise users on LTSB is because the company expects to roll out new features and feature updates to Edge on a regular basis, as both Gartner and Microsoft officials note. That means it would be kind of pointless to include the evolving Edge browser if it's not going to be updated. Windows 10 Enterprise customers can use the CB, CBB, and/or the LTSB. The LTSB allows enterprise IT departments to put off the installation of new Windows 10 features for up to 10 years. acquiring a copy of Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store now costs $119.99.