Beretta nano vs glock 43.

I think I'm going to have to start over with my selection process. It's good though. I prefer Glocks. I would recommend nite sights with whatever you choose. Worth the extra money IMHO. It's a 4 hour class, covers a ton of info, they fingerprint you, take your picture and give you everything you need to apply, including the envelope. The Glock 26 uses notch and post sights, in comparison to the Beretta Nano's three dot sights. While the Ruger LC9 also has three dot sights, the dots themselves are very tiny. Not only were they more difficult for sight picture alignment, but even seeing them at all caused more strain– especially in low lighting. When I look at my concealed carry I look for mainly one thing. Profile. A concealed carry gun, if you ever must use, you will most likely be at EXTREMELY close range 10-30 feet & will only need a couple of shots. If your guns profile is to big or flashy most likely you won't carry it because it will irritate your hip, cause discomfort, or you will end up open carrying because it shows to much. Now days there are a ton of low profile guns that are all accurate & comfortable in your hand. I personally like the Springfield XDS 9mm. The gun can run a little pricier than others, but I have found that the profile is very low making it ideal for concealment. The gun feels good in your hand & I have found to be extremely reliable & accurate. beretta nano accessories, beretta nano for sale, beretta nano problems, beretta nano review, beretta nano review 2016, beretta nano safety, beretta nano vs glock 26, beretta nano vs glock 43. What's really "funny" is how little most gun buyers actually know about firearms (that goes for gun dealers, too). I didn't care for the trigger too much either. My friend is pretty good with it. I've shot XD in larger calibers and frames and liked them quite well. select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. I shoot my Glocks surprisingly well, given I never preferred that trigger pull. I think I'm still set on the Beretta Nano just because of overall size if I carry in my front pocket. But @ tallsteve. Basic setup for go-bags and 3 day assault packs. The Nano performed well for this reviewer. After over 800 rounds without lubrication, this pistol has only experienced two errors. Using the same ammo, the Glock 26 used for the video experienced one jam within 200 rounds. Overall, Beretta offers a competitive option within the market of pocket size (sub compact) single stack 9mm handguns. It is easier to conceal than the comparatively bulky 26, and easier to keep on target than the lighter LC9 (largely due to the unpredictable trigger pull). Beretta Nano 9mm vs Glock 26 vs Ruger LC9. Is the 300 Blackout for You? Let's Talk. I installed an Apex trigger in my Shield a few months ago. Big improvement. I think I'll stick with a single stack. Thanks for the feedback again. In addition to writing for The Arms Guide and her personal blog, Destinee is also a vlogger. She publishes videos on weapons, gear, and fitness on her YouTube channel every Tuesday and Thursday. Beretta Nano 9mm vs Glock 26 vs Ruger LC9. Beretta Nano 9mm vs. Beretta Pico vs. Glock 43 & 42. TGT, Gloctapus, redrick and 1 other person like this. I will take my shield 9 performance center over the sig all day long or a glock 26 which I own also. No sigs for me because they have fell way down in quality and I have proof!! Almost impossible to get this shot without some paralax error, but the distance from the web of your hand to the trigger is right about 67mm. I know that's NOT what it looks like in the pic, but that's what it is in real life. I have held one last week which was a rental at the LGS. I have to say it felt great in my hand. The trigger was good too, maybe a bit long in the take up pull but that's their safety, similar to a Kahr. The sights are awesome, similar to the Trijicon HD's which I use. Both the flush mag and the 12 round mag felt good, especilly the 12 round. I have long fingers so the g26 width and length to trigger work for me. I'll be looking at those dimensions from a grip standpoint. Would be nice if the length from backstrap to trigger was published. If anybody cares to measure? Click to expand. I'm having a hard time not buying one. My main carry is the G26. It fits me very well and I shoot it great. I carry OWB, so the extra 0.18" thickness is not as big a deal, but it is noticeable over a G43, CM9 or Shield, which I also own. I also like the longer barrel of the G26 and 43. Gives you a tiny bit more sight radius and velocity. The G26 is 0.1" shorter in height. With my Taran Tactical +3 mag, it is the same height as the P365 with the 12 round, so I do get 1 extra round in the G26 with the same height. Old school 71, Warp and Lawdog3 like this. I had seen pics but had never seen or held one. I figured what the hell if I don't like it I could list it and sell it. Well that Ain't going to happen. The Sig with the 12 round mag inserted is AWESOME. I have not had time to shoot it yet but I have don't some dry firing. Pistol feels so good in my had. Great trigger and the night sights are great. The front sight is larger than the two rear which are smaller It's easier to pick up the front sight in the dark. If this Sig shoots as good as it looks and feels it will be my new EDC pistol. I have to order a new Chief Jason iwb holster so I can have a secure place for it. The size of this pistol is smaller than aaS&W Shield and a S&W 442 j -frame. Can' wait to get to the range. I bought a G26 Gen 4 two years ago with the intention of it being my EDC. I had problems with it from the start with numerous failures to feed, eject, stove pipes etc. I sent back it to Glock which helped but It still had the occasional failure. I decided I couldn't trust it 100% and eventually traded it in on a SIG p320. I like to pocket carry so I have rotated between a Ruger LCP Custom, LCP II, Taurus Spectrum and S&W J frame.38. All of those are fine for pocket carry but I was wanting a higher capacity and the more powerful 9mm round. I have had my eye on the SIG p365 since it was announced. The main problem with the 365 currently is finding one as they are in high demand. I finally found one at a gun show four weeks ago. I took it to the range and put 350 rounds through it from four different ammo makers. Went through great. Accuracy was good. A bit snappy but not enough to stop shooting. The only issue, and I consider it minor, is that after about 200 rounds, the slide failed to lock back after the last round a few times. The 365 is only slightly larger than the LCP or Spectrum but it is noticeably heavier ( maybe because of the weight of the extra rounds). My p365 is now my EDC. I carry it in my jacket or coat pocket in a pocket holster as it is still cool here in Michigan. I still might carry an LCP or Spectrum when hot weather comes and I carry in my pants pocket. The p365 is a game changer and makes the Glock 26 look gigantic in comparison. Oh, and the SIG p365 comes with night sights as standard. I carried a P938 for a while a couple of years ago, and I can definitely understand why P938 owners would be all over the 365. That is, as long as you're not wedded to the safety.[/I've owned a P938 for a good number of years, excellent carry gun. Shot the 365 and really liked it, however, The 938 carries more than enough rounds for personal defense. A few years ago a survey was done by a credible author on the amount of rounds fired in a self defense situation by a civilian and it came nowhere near 6 rounds let alone 9 or 10. Also, the 938 does hide better although the 365 is close to being its equal. Click to expand. The only thing that may change that for me over time is Smith's 380 EZ. I got one of those too. Bigger to carry and fewer rounds but the slide is way easy to rack and the magazines have a built in loader assist button like many.22s. Anyway, we're traveling full time now and visit many states that infringe on our rights with magazine limitations. So I'm good to carry either of these and stay under the 10-round limit. Always been a Glock guy but have dabbled in Sigs. Curious to know what those who have both are thinking for carry? The P365 looks interesting but haven't held or shot one yet. Click to expand. I must say the P365 is 43 size and holds 10+1.. The Sig definitely takes the win as far as size, weight, with identical capacity. Great trigger and alot similar to my Glocks IMO. But for now, I shoot the Glock a little better at the range, mostly likely due to not adjusting my trigger finger from the thinner P365 grip unlike my other "thick grip" firearms. Always been a Glock guy but have dabbled in Sigs. Curious to know what those who have both are thinking for carry? The P365 looks interesting but haven't held or shot one yet. Click to expand. (I carry under LEOSA but it's time for national reciprocity. Contact your elected representatives and urge them to pass it while we can.). But last week I traded my Kimberly K6s revolver (also a good gun) for a P365 and I don't regret it a bit. Yes the P365 is smaller than the 43 but carries four more rounds. Yes I can get a full grip on it even with the short mag. Yes it comes with good night sights so you aren't spending more money on it right when you get it. But the way it shoots is what really got me. I have a lot of trigger time with a lot of guns, particularly Glocks. I shot the P365 side by side with my 43 and there was simply no comparison. I shot the P365 a lot better and a lot easier than anything else I compare it to. I've been looking for the "one gun" for a while and pretty sure the P365 is it. I still carry a G19 or G26. I would only carry the P365 when I absolutely needed total concealment, particularly for unusual situations (like the other day, I wanted to carry, totally concealed, even taking my shirt off, so I actually carried the P365). Too many questions on the365 and while it shoots very well for its size, the G26 nearly shoots like a full size duty pistol. And as we carry our guns much and shoot bad people (virtually) never, we may want to bias our analysis toward ease of carry and away from shootability, but that is obviously a personal choice. Click to expand. I don't have the measurements (or a Sig 365), but I can tell you that my average size hand wraps around the 365 grip about as far as it does on my G42- it is really small. In fact, the strong hand fingers cover so much of the grip, there is really no space for the heel of your support hand. I prefer that technique for a more consistent, stable grip. I'm anxious to try out the Sig to see how it feels to me in spite of that issue. I recently put my G19 in the safe and started carrying my G26. I may look into a P365 after they have been out for awhile. I will not be selling my G26 or my shield though. Well i hear ya. Im 6ft 1 260 No way to hide g19/g26. I love the G43 is way to go. 15 yds with 124gr speer gold dot Will make a believer out of street Scum. jimcorbin replied Nov 5, 2018 at 11:32 AM. Sold my SR9c and Nano to friends. Already had a G17. Bought a G26 a few weeks ago. It is a big difference under the belt, vs the Ruger and Beretta, more squeeze. However, I love my G17 and I love the G26. Glock 43 v. Beretta Nano v. Smith and Wesson M&P Shield: Some thoughts from some non-experts. But, I guess where I personally draw the line is seven rounds (7+1). Less than that and you're getting into wheel gun territory. The LC9s has it's share of problems. One well documented one that may be life threatening in a SD scenario is the recoil spring assembly can break (at no certain interval although most with this failure reported that it happened from the first mag all the way up to 200-300 rounds). I owned the pro for about 3 months and my rod broke at 200 rounds! I launched a thread about it a few months back and a lot more people wrote in with the issue. I'm 5'6" 150lbs and I can easily conceal my issue 17 or my 19 off duty, and I'm in south Florida. Good holster and good belt make the difference. I transferred a Red Jacket Integrally Suppressed 458 SOCOM to a friend today and we took it tot the range. In between letting the rifle cool of, we started shooting my Glock 43 and Beretta Nano. One of the guys who was at the range came over and we added his M&P shield into the mix. My G43 trigger is not much heavier than my other Glocks. When I go to the range I often end up shooting my Glock 17. It is second nature and I shoot it well. My go to carry pistol is often a Kahr PM9. It is a great pistol but different than the Glock. I'm getting a Glock 43 because a) it is similar in size to the PM9 that I know carries well and b) operates like the gun with which I'm most familiar. People buy and sell guns all the time. Debating which is best pointless. Today there are a number of good choices. Try them out. Pick one you shoot well. Is there some photos of the block 43, the beretta nano, and the Royal Ball are 9. Fortunately, the world bar r9 did not make it out. The CO2 model has fixed white dot sights (that look like the fully adjustable high definition sights on the APX), a locking slide and left side only functioning slide release (the slide release is ambidextrous on the cartridge models), correct style magazine release, grip contours, surface texturing on the backstrap and frontstrap, and aggressive full length slide serrations. The weight and balance have also been closely approximated to make the APX CO2 model a suitable training aid for familiarization with the new striker-fired cartridge models. Consider upgrading your membership for less than a box of bullets!. Perhaps modifying the pinky extension like I did might work for you. Slantnose replied Nov 5, 2018 at 11:27 AM. I've had a MP40 FS for years, and could put 5 rapid fire rounds into a playing card at 5 yds. However, now that I'm in my 70's, due to arthritis in my hands, I'm having to down size in caliber. A Glock 42, with neglible recoil, is now my every day pocket carry. Also, I find that the 'fish scale' slide serations on the MP's that I used to love, now cut into my swollen arthritic joints, so besides changing calibers I've got to change manufacturers. i just wish the shield would have ambidextrous safety being a Lefty! this is reason i am switching to the 43 from my shield. Bill, If you're going to go insulting people's intelligence, it's best to master at least the basics of our language first so you're (not your) not ending up looking like an (not a) idiot. I think from my exsperience being a cop for 18 yrs in NYC the glock 19 and 26 are great handguns. They both suck for off duty lowprofile consealment carry. Very reliable but its like carring a brick on your hip. I own a new g43 9mm and a g42 380. Both reliable and great for low profile concealment carry in surrounding ny metropolitan area. Only problem the NYPD is taking forever to authorise the g43. Rumor has it they are testing it. G26 is a winter off duty carry. Its not a summer carry with a t-shirt. Everyone who has 20/40 vision knows you are carring a brick or a glock. The glock 43 is ideal for all year around carry. Yes lit has less rounds but in this day and time concealability is the way to go. Taran tactical makes a nice plus 1 plus 2 adapter to the mag. Makes up for the 6+1. Bringing the gun to 7+1 or 8+1 in 9mm. Thats big for carring. I have over 1,300 rounds through my G43 and this gun just plain RUNS GREAT and is as accurate as my Shield!. As you've probably heard by now, Glock has announced the availability of its long-awaited single stack 9mm pistol– the Glock 43. Here are some photos of the Glock 43, the Beretta nano, and the Rohrbaugh r9. Unfortunately, the Rohrbaugh r9 did not make it out to the range.