Today vegetable prices in manning market


Are you interested in advertising on our website or video channel. Ambassador forces himself on SL school in Qatar. A wholesale trader speaking to us said that they have excess stocks and might have to dispose most of them on Sunday. This option will not work correctly. Unfortunately, your browser does not support inline frames. Traders at the Manning Market in Colombo say that this was an unexpected and sudden situation.With the extended holiday weekend, large stocks of vegetables had reached the Manning Market in Colombo and traders have found it difficult to sell their stocks. JVP and TNA meet at Opposition Leader's office. Chief Organiser of Manning Market Trade Union Anil Indrajith said that more lorries had arrived at the Manning Market in Colombo and that those who purchase 500 grams or one kilogramme will benefit the most. Vegetable Prices in Supermarkets of Sri Lanka (Per 1Kg). Top 10 cheapest vegetables in Supermarkets (Per 1Kg). Traders said that they thus decided to sell these vegetables at lower prices. The fate of Hyatt and Hilton Hotels on the line. Powers of the Authority in Regulation of Trade. The new 'Leader of the House' assumes duties. The Consumer Affairs Authority Act No 09 of 2003. Another wholesale trader speaking to us, noted that the prices are at a low that anyone can purchase a sufficient amount of vegetables because there is a two-day holiday. Chairman of Manning Market Trade Union Lal Hettige said that the expectations of some was that the prices would reach high as farmers will be on holiday for the next two days. However, the prices did not increase but they decreased. News 1st, MTV Channel (Pvt) Ltd, MBC Networks (Pvt) Ltd, 45/3, Braybrooke Street, Colombo-02. The Manning Market Trade Union had decided to keep the market open until 8 p.m. on Saturday in order to sell most of the stocks of vegetables. Ambassador forces himself on Sri Lankan school in Qatar. 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