Maknae crying fanfic.

all chapters have a warning so you can easily skip if you don't want to be triggered. "Everyone except Jungkook, come with me to the living room. We have something to talk about" He walked out of the room followed by Namjoon. I looked over at Jungkook and saw Jin hugging the crying maknae. letters to monbebes and hyungs read by Changkyun. im not adding character tags for the cameos. Aww oppa! Don't be sad, those mean hyungs of yours will be punished for being mean to their maknae! FIGHTING JUNGKOOK OPPA. In which Jeongin doesn't know when to stop working and overworks himself. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. the ongnielhwan isnt strictly ot3 they just mess around. He would share all of his stories with me, We used to play video games and watch TV together.. rich boy: morning friends euiwoong: the fuck, justin euiwoong: its 12am rich boy: did i fuckin stutter. I was about to leave until I heard him speak up. "Because of your behavior, Jungkook, you will have to do whatever your hyungs say. From now on. You will not complain nor will you raise your voice at them." Jungkook widened his eyes and glared at us. Some careless staff members forget Jeongin at the music bank and ride home without him, so Jeongin does what he does best, decides to handle it on his own, tells no one and decides to walk home instead- only problem is he doesn't know the way, his phone is dead, and he has no bus pass to ride home either. He's frozen to the bone, his hyungs are worried, and everything ends in a cuddle fest. + Ajummas are everyone's grandma. Jungkook oppa we love you. @ bts hyungs! BULLIES! tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Jungkook baby, are you okay? Ignore the hyungs. They're just bullies! "Leave him. Let's go to the living room now. Let him cry. It won't do him any good anyways." Yoongi said and they exited the room while Jungkook was still sobbing. I've never liked the hyungs. They are just jealous of their maknae! Hoseok tried to pry Jin off from comforting Jungkook with Jimin helping. . It contains a magic link that'll log you in. I smirked. I wish Yoongi will knock some sense into this brat. An interactive fic where you, the reader, will see if you can figure out where the maknaes have ended up. What if the person I laid my very own pride to love him, isn't really the person I am looking at?. When Seokjin looks up, Jungkook immediately looks away and instead turns to face Taehyung, who he just realizes has been talking to him this whole time. "Yah, did you even hear a word I said?" Taehyung asks with a scowl, and Jungkook shakes his head. Taehyung squints. "Lame, you're lame," he says. "Says the person who put Coke on his meat in lieu of soy sauce," Jungkook replies, and he laughs when he sees the way Jimin starts choking on his drink before calming down give Taehyung a judgmental stare. "Why would you do that?" "Did you know that your taste buds change every seven years?" Taehyung suddenly asks. "Maybe my taste buds are starting to have a thing for Coke and meat. The world may never know." "You're weird," Jimin says, and Jungkook nods in agreement. Taehyung shrugs. Jungkook wants to continue laughing and talking with Taehyung and Jimin, but his occasional glances toward Seokjin makes him feel really concerned and even a bit worried. The maknae doesn't say anything to Seokjin, and he knows that the rest of the group shares the same amount of worry. When the members get back home, each boy is about to go their separate ways and do their own thing until Namjoon notices Seokjin letting out slow, deep breaths while massaging his forehead. "Are you okay?" That question causes the other five members to stop in their tracks and turn to look at where Seokjin is standing. "Nothing, nothing," the older says, only to quickly take a seat on the sofa when he's about to lose balance. "I'm just a bit dizzy, that's all." "It must be your hunger acting up, then," Hoseok states, giving no room for Seokjin to say otherwise as he starts making his way to the kitchen to prepare something for the older to eat. "You didn't eat earlier?" Namjoon asks. "I did," Seokjin replies. "You only ate a fourth of the food you put on your plate," Yoongi joins in the conversation, taking a seat next to Seokjin. "I think you're taking your diet to extreme measures." "It's not extreme if I'm not eating when I'm not hungry," the eldest of t. Lame right I know. I am not feeling well so gonna rest now gud nite. The last time Sehun visited me here in the apartment, was also the last time I got to say good bye to him, for we never had a chance to have a talk again. B1A4 - '이게 무슨 일이야' 안무 영상 ('What's Happening?' Dance Practice Video). "What if the person you see, isn't the person you thought you know enough?" -------------------------------------------------- Park Hoo Na, Chanyeol's sister was living her life with her long time boy friend, when accidentally she was involved in a. Ren sighed. He was having such a bad day. He had just gone through vigorous vocal training where the produces had practically told him that his voice sucked. They gave some of his lines in their comeback song to Minhyun and pressured him to practice harder. To make things worse, his parents had just informed him that they wouldn't be able to visit during NU'EST's comeback because his father was too busy with work. He let out a deep breath and rubbed his head. He needed something to make him smile right now. Anything or else he knew he'd burst into tears. He took out his phone and decided to go on the fancafe and read messages from the fans. Those always cheer him up. He read a few nice comments that helped him suppress his need to cry, but then he ran into a comment that ruined everything: "No problem, Rennie!" Jason said to Ren, he pulled away from the hug, wiped Ren's wet cheek and said, "don't cry anymore, okay?" Ren nodded, and Jason grabbed both sides of Ren's head and kissed his forehead. JR had cancelled the rest of their schedule that day. They spent the afternoon accepting gifts from the jolly uncle Jason, catching up, playing card games, eating Korean barbeque and drinking soju. Indeed, they forced Minhyun to drink, and indeed they witnessed the comical spectacle of a drunk Minhyun. In the end, Ren laughed more than he cried that day. What seemed to be one of the worst days of his life quickly turned to one of the greatest memories he would ever have with his five members.–. 1. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5. I thought it was just a joke, but when I finally met him, I finally realized.. "Seokjin-hyung, why aren't you eating?" Seokjin gives a timid smile to Hoseok and waves off the younger's offer to feed him a spoonful of rice and meat. What if that person is the person I never thought would hurt me so badly?. If only I did what I should I have done before I agreed then I should have known why they were giving him that name.. NU'EST? They're not relevant anymore. They're all looks and no talent. They're one-hit wonders and Pledis should just disband them and focus on Orange Caramel. "No black out hyung..I want to sleep in the living room. I bet it must be a lot cooler then.." I feel a little under the weather as I got headache this evening and a bit sore throat right after our schedule finish. Chapter 2: please update and its not lame okay its good please update im going crazy. You're viewing YouTube in English (US). You can change this preference below. not much different from each other right xD haha. A side-blog created to fill shipper hearts with happiness one fanfic at a time.(BTS pairing + prompt requests are encouraged!). ASK BOX IS CLOSED. SEMI-HIATUS. "What if the person you see, isn't the person you thought you know enough?" -------------------------------------------------- Park Hoo Na, Chanyeol's sister was living her life with her long time boy friend, when accidentally she was involved in a. Anonymous asked: Please write a story where jin go on an extreme unhealthy diet, and the members are worried, but he still go on a diet, until jungkook come and talk to him about how he dont need to go on diet because he already looks awesome as he is. - Words: 8,942 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 24 - Updated: 7/29/2011 - Published: 5/11/2011 - id: 6984331. The actors worked hard but could not save a poor script and direction. This is a hot mess with little clear purpose or focus; even the title makes no sense. However, NJH is charming, rapidly becoming a major star, and the only reason I finished. But he deserved a better co-star. SSK is competent and can do well with a good writer and director, but she lacks range and depth as an actress and the charisma to attract a magical being like the god of NJH. Based on webcomic "Habaekui Shinboo" by Yoon Mi-Kyung (published from May 7, 2012 to December 11, 2014 via ). I like it so far but my only issue is with the main lead actress. Such a pretty face but awful acting, her expressions are so blah. NJH portray the lead guy very well, he matches it. He's so handsome. my point is the plot that make this drama annoying. The production team. Not bcs if the cast. Do you think they want to act like that if the director wont agree it in the first place?. The director want them to act like that. If the director is not satisfied with their acting skill he will ask them to repeat it over and over again. Dont you think so?. Oh My God!! Awesome.. I like this movie.. Love it. I agree with the previous comment. This drama has a lot of great actors and actresses but im totally disappointed with the boring plots. I gave up at episode 10 but im now trying to finish this drama after about 5 months i stopped watching.The beginning of this drama is interesting but it became boring as the drama flow.. im a big fan of fantasy dramas but this drama srsly didnt suit my taste. Im sorry but i dont really recommend you to watch this drama. I have so many things to say abt this drama and for those who kept on bashing SSK. For goodness sake can you all stop talking bad abt her alrdy. I swear to god im so annoyed alrdy. nam joo hyuk's acting skill also suck in this drama(i never see him over acting in his previous drama) he also awkward but why yall kept on pointing and blaming SSK for this?. I real like the couple they should be a real couple in real life they real look good TOGETHER. Well I read bride of haebek's manhwa.. I think what happen was they tried to create a spin off bit fail because they leaves out too much of its essences in the manhwa.. I love the manhwa version alot better.. i tried really really hard to watch this drama. I started watching it when it first came out and gave up on episode 6. Then one month later i took it up again and gave up on episode 11. Not a huge fan of anyone in this drama but i watched it bc i liked NJH in Weightlifting Fairy, but i think even Nam Joo Hyuk didn't suit his character in this drama as his acting came across abit too forced, like he was trying too hard to be "fierce" most of the times. Gave this drama a try although Shin Se Kyung's acting was shit in When a Man Falls in Love, because i thought her acting might have improved over the years. Nope. Still the same stiff, boring, expressionless acting except now, she actually laughs!!! Like what many other viewers have said, 00000 chemistry between the main leads, surprisingly even Krystal and Gong Myung acted better and had better chemistry. Plot was interesting at first, but too much filler and boring scenes and rly shitty lines. Maybe in another month i can force myself to watch the ending! Honestly..I don't know if I can get through this one. Yet, I felt Nam delivered better than much of the cast..yet he came off just funny to me. I dunno, I really wanted to love it, but I don't even think Lim could save it and I would watch him in anything. Here's another flop drama of SSK. I honestly liked her a lot in Sensory Couple. I love her and NMJ but this drama is not exciting at all! It took me a couple of weeks to watch the last two episodes. I finished it today just fo Krystal and Gong myung indeed save the drama, that is why it should be tittled as "Bride Of The Wind God" (Bi-ryeomeui shinbu)??. Moon Chae-Won was first offered the lead female role, but declined. "Bride of the Water God 2017" takes over the tvN Mondays & Tuesdays 22:50 time slot previously occupied by " Circle " and followed by " Argon " on September 4, 2017. I'm in love with this drama. Too much Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung, they are totally perfect. Their chemistry very strong. Love to see this couple in next project?? after i watched this drama for 6x times, i still curious never get tired to watched this again and again. After all i love the couple! #NamShin i ship them! Hope they are dating in real life. Awesome drama but i expect too much. Im totally not happy with the ending, coz in the end if you think, so ah will die, maybe they let joo hyuk to use his powers to make so ah his bride forever hahaha. Silly but not so silly? But i like the cinematography of this drama the best overall its awesome but the story i dont think so lol. And so a, I hate the part when shes crying or what( in the bridge when bi ryeom puts him in danger), it feels like shes not crying but instead moaning lol. But still i love her and i love this drama. Well for me, I love this drama nice story very entertaining. Don't mind for the all the imperfection. I just enjoy watching this drama. Such a waste of time. .they say Kang Hanuel will show up but i didn't see him till the end. .maybe i expect too much from this drama. since he is Water God right?! but little on the scene shown his power i was expecting like the one in "Odessey"and the Shin Se Kyung. .what's with her expression? Flat flat flat and boring she was good in black knight. Love this drama!!!! Good chemistry, good acting & good story line.